WUHAN® Wind Gongs

Wuhan Wind Gongs are made of hand hammered brass, comes with beater; rich, full sound.

WUHAN® Opera Gongs

WUHAN® Ma Gong

WUHAN® Heng Gong




WUHAN® Chau Gongs

Wuhan Chau Gongs are the first choice of the world’s leading symphonies. Its one-piece cast, hand-hammered construction is crafted in century old tradition. In addition, gongs are appearing in a variety of musical venue to add depth and special effects. Try combining your talent with a Wuhan Gong and be amazed at what you create!


WUHAN® Chung

WUHAN® School Bell


WUHAN® Bao Gongs

WUHAN® Tiger Gong

Wuhan Flat Chau Gongs are the newest addition to our extensive gong assortment. The sound is a lot more explosive than a traditional Chau gong.  These are a new hybrid version that looks like a Chau (with a primitive earthy look) but is really a new version of our Wind Gongs.  The sound is darker than a traditional wind gong with controlled overtones and a quicker decay.  Rock drummers will find it a lot lighter to carry to gigs compared to a Chau gong.

WUHAN® Jia Guan Cymbal


WUHAN® Man Da Gong


WUHAN® Peng Li



WUHAN® Yin-Shou Gong


WUHAN® Pasi Gongs

WUHAN® Yun Gong


WUHAN® Se Gong




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